PP/ HDPE Woven Bags

Our PP/HDPE bags are designed to meet the specific requirements and preferences of our customers. Here are the salient features of our bags:

  • Customised production: We tailor-make our bags according to the requests and specifications of our customers.
  • Size range: Our bags are available in widths ranging from 45 cm to 90 cm, ensuring flexibility to accommodate various product sizes. If your sizes are bigger than 90 cm we can try to accommodate them on bigger looms.
  • Printing options: We offer two printing methods – flexo printing and BOPP lamination. With flexo printing, we can print designs using 1 to 6 colours, providing vibrant and eye-catching bag designs. For BOPP any type of printing can be taken but a minimum quantity is required.
  • Versatile options: Our bags can be laminated, perforated, or made with high mesh, offering versatility in meeting specific packaging requirements.Liner can be fitted inside the bag as well
  • UV resistance: We provide UV bags that are designed to protect the contents from harmful UV rays, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Coloured bags: Our range includes bags in various colours, allowing for product differentiation and branding. For coloured bags we would require a High MOQ of 100,000 pcs / Month.
  • Transparent bags: For products that require visibility, we offer transparent bags that allow easy identification of the contents.Transparent gusset bags are also possible. These bags combine the benefits of transparency and gusseted design.

With our wide range of options, we strive to deliver high-quality PP/HDPE woven bags that cater to the diverse packaging needs of our customers.