Bags with Liners

Liner bags are used for extremely fine powders and moisture sensitive materials.

  • Plain Open or Bottom Sealed Liners 
  • Form Fit design available ( See Exhibit A ) 
  • thickness available from 40 Microns to 110 microns. 
  • 04 or 08 corner tabbing can be done.
  • Liner Gluing is possible 
  • Liner Stitching with the skirt / spout or bottom spout possible
  • Antistatic , Conductive or Fire Retardant Liners available. ( See Exhibit B )

Types of FIBC Liners

  • Lay-flat FIBC Liners –These polyethylene liners are cylindrical in shape and have no spouts. 
  • Gusset FIBC Liners –  Liner is Gusseted from before and sealed at the bottom making the liner fit the bag size and inserts easily inside the FIBC. 
  • Form-fit FIBC Liners – Or commonly known as Bottle Shape Liners . These liners work by taking the exact shape of the FIBC especially if you are using a Bag with Top Spout or bottom Spout or both. 
  • Conductive Liners – Used for highly combustible material as these liners help to reduce Static charge especially During transportation.