About Us


Deccan Group is a renowned manufacturing company with its headquarters in Mumbai, India. The company has a workforce of 500 employees and exports its products to 38 countries worldwide. It is certified with ISO 9001:2015 and has participated in the Ecovadis program on sustainability.

In 1967 Deccan Group’s founder Mr. Mansoor Chunawalla started Tin Can manufacturing by hand in a small 100 square feet workshop. Today, it is one of the largest in the industry, with tin can manufacturing capacities exceeding 200,000 tins per day. Besides High-end lines and a fully equipped QC lab, the company has an in-house design team that handles artwork modification to meet the diverse needs of its customers across various industries.

The company’s modern factory, located in Daman, spans over 5.5 acres and boasts more than 200,000 square feet of comfortable working space. Equipped with cutting-edge machinery and equipment, the factory ensures that production processes are efficient and of high quality.

In 2008, Deccan Group expanded its operations by venturing into FIBC and jumbo bag manufacturing. Equipped with state-of-the-art tape plants and looms of Lohia Starlinger, the company ensures high-quality production of these products. The manufacturing process is automated, including cutting technology, and skilled stitchers are employed to stitch the bags. Regular quality checks are conducted to maintain the high standards of the products. The company’s QC lab includes various advanced testing equipment, such as UV Testing, Tensile Tester, and Cylic Load Test, among others, ensuring that the final products meet the required quality standards.

In summary, Deccan Group’s commitment to providing high-quality products and services has enabled it to establish a strong reputation in the industry. Its skilled workforce, technical expertise, and innovative approach ensure that it continues to meet the diverse needs of its customers across various industries.



Mansoor Chunawala

Founder & Chairman

Moiz Chunawala

Managing Director & Chief Strategy Officer(CSO)

Pradeep Anjania

Marketing Manager

Pankaj Patel

GM – Factory

Mohammed Boxwala

Executive Purchase Head